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Lost Ark included numerous islands to find and also discover, including Little Luck Island. Below's our breakdown of everything understood about the Little Luck Island. Most significantly, you can learn just how to get the Little Luck Island token.

What's the Little Luck Island in Lost Ark?

Little Luck Island is a small island that is hardly greater than a rock with a couple of trees in the sea. There isn't much to do here as there are no Mokoko Seeds, missions, or beasts. The only point on the island is an NPC called Erin, who shows up on a timetable. This NPC is precisely how you obtain the Little Luck Island Token.

Lost Ark Little Luck Island Location

Little Luck Island lies just north of the shore of the Luterra continent, which lies toward the southerly part of the world map.

How to Get to the Little Luck Island in Lost Ark?

You can get to Little Luck Island by going northwest from West Luterra. Below are the specific actions for it:

1). Open your World Map and search for the Little Luck Island.
2). You can discover it just north of West Luterra.

Exactly How to Obtain Little Luck Island Token in Lost Ark?

1). To obtain the Little Luck Island Token, you will undoubtedly need to see the island when the vendor called Erin exists.
2). This NPC will undoubtedly show up every two hrs and will only continue to be on the island for ten minutes.
3). If you do not want to linger for him to generate up, keep an eye out on the location conversation, as players will make announcements.
4). Once she generates, you can acquire a Chest of Little Luck from her for 100 pirate coins.
5). From this chest, you can obtain: Silver (a currency comparable to LostArk Gold) and a Little Luck Island Token.
6). Sadly, this is based upon RNG, so it might take several breasts to get the Token.

That covers every little thing you need to learn about Little Luck Island and its token, your current understanding of where to find the island, and the approach for obtaining your collectible token. And for more aid on various other subjects for this game, go here.

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